Preschool Room

Our Preschool room caters for children aged 3-4yrs.
At this stage the children are preparing for nursery school and are developing their emotional intelligence.
We focus on giving the Preschool children the skills to recognise, discuss and deal with their emotions and feelings.

Our staff have been trained on promoting the Media Initiative with Early Years - the Organisation for Young Children.
The Media Initiative 'Persona Dolls' are used to help the children deal with their feelings and emotions as well as promoting diversity and celebrating cultural traditions in a child friendly way.

Nursery School Room

The children in this room attend Nursery School in the morning and we collect them each day and bring them to Aisling.
The children explore science, technology and early maths concepts through the use of construction.
We use real hammer, nails, screws and screw drivers, spirit level etc. This area is closely supervised to ensure the safety of the children at all times.

The home corner represents 'home from home' where we use real furniture, lamp table, dresser, real clothes and crockery.
This promotes social skills as well as developing the children's imagination through role play.