The children are involved in many activities both in-house and in the local community in accordance with their monthly topic.
They go on regular outings to the local parks, libraries, beauticians, hairdressers and green grocers.

The Tots & Toddlers take part in regular gymnastics sessions at the local LX Gymnastics.
This is a fantastic way for children to develop their balance, co ordination, locomotion and spatial awareness.

The Preschool children participate in ‘Debutots’ which is a way of bringing drama and storytelling to life.
It develops children’s communication and literacy in a fun and creative way. The ‘Debutots’ instructor works with our Preschool Children on a weekly basis to promote their confidence and self esteem through drama and storytelling.

Tara from YogaBellies is a weekly visitor to the nursery, all age groups have the opportunity to take part in gentle exercises that promotes balance, co-ordination and spacial awareness. This instills an early interest in personal health and wellbeing, teaching the children to proactively deal with stressful situations in a positive way.