The children are involved in many activities both in-house and within the local community, in accordance with their monthly topic.
These activities include football, karate, dance, cookery, yoga, Gaelic, basketball, sewing and art and crafts.
The children also go on regular outings to the local parks, libraries, beauticians, hairdressers and visit the elderly.

The Preschool children have participated in ‘Debutots’ which is a way of bringing drama and storytelling to life.
They are also regular visitors to the local library, local parks and Colin Glen Forest Park.

We have also worked with Yoga Bellies and Relax Kids which are programmes that support children's emotional and physical wellbeing.
Our children have had the opportunity to take part in gentle exercises that promotes balance, co-ordination and spatial awareness.
This instils an early interest in personal health and wellbeing, teaching the children to proactively deal with stressful situations in a positive way.
Relax Kids gives children techniques in how to deal with stressful situations and can ease anxiety.