When your child is allocated a place at Aisling Daycare, we will work in close partnership with you to plan a settling time that suits both you and your child. This is very much a two way process, allowing you time to get to know the staff working with your child as well providing us with the opportunity to get to know your child. This is a very flexible routine and is very much unique to each child.

You are encouraged to visit the nursery prior to their child settling to allow their child to see their room and meet the staff. This provides opportunities for parents to discuss at home the child’s teacher’s names, their room and the activities they will be doing. This can prove valuable in preparing children for starting nursery.

Day 1
For the first day, children only stay at nursery for 1 hour, parents stay in the room building their child’s confidence and trust with staff. If your child is settled we will encourage you to watch him/her in the camera from the parents’ room at reception. At this point you will be asked to complete all the necessary documentation regarding your child’s personal details. If your child is in any way distressed, you will be asked to go in to their room to comfort him/her.

Day 2
On the second day, your child will stay from 10am – 2pm, this will give them the opportunity to participate in daily activities and routines, i.e lunch and sleep times. You are welcome to stay within the nursery for as long as is necessary. If preferred, you can leave your child and return a short time later.

It is important to remember that all children are unique and will react differently to starting nursery. Some will cry initially and then settle quickly, others will take a little longer to settle, some children will need very little settling in and will skip into their room happily. Staff will work with you to ensure that your child’s experience in daycare is positive. We will therefore contact you if your child becomes very distressed and upset.

For children starting the Preschool Room, staff will organise ‘home visits’ before or just when the child has started. Studies have shown that ‘home visits’ are fundamental in forming positive relationships with children and parents, and can ensure that children are happy and comfortable moving through this transition in their lives.